City of Long Beach
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Human Resources Manager – People and Operations
Human Resources Department – Operations Bureau
City of Long Beach, CA
ANNUAL SALARY: $130,331 - $180,846 DOE/DOQ


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The City of Long Beach, California, seeks its first Human Resources Manager – People and Operations (Manager) to oversee the newly formed Personnel Operations Bureau (Bureau) within the Human Resources Department (Department). This new bureau is responsible for developing innovative and efficient recruitment and training processes for the entire organization to ensure the hiring and retention of diverse and dynamic talent. The Manager will provide essential leadership of three separate divisions: Personnel Services, Talent Acquisition, and Organizational Development, and will oversee approximately 18 exceptional staff members and an operating budget of $6.7M. The successful candidate will be eager to take ownership of the organization’s process improvement as they will need to assess current labor market conditions and understand the competitive landscape. The Manager will be a strategic and decisive leader that can see beyond the day-to-day functions of their role and identify challenges, forecast trends, and see vital opportunities for growth. This pioneering leader will have a significant impact on the future direction of the Department and the City as a whole. If you are a strategic leader eager to create a positive impact in this role, apply today!


The Manager will oversee the newly formed Operations Bureau (Bureau) within the HR Department (Department). While reporting to the Deputy Director of Human Resources, the Manager will identify and drive essential efficiency upgrades to the hiring and project management procedures used by the Department. The Manager will oversee 18 full-time staff in three Divisions of the HR Department: Personnel Services (9 staff); Talent Acquisition (7 staff, 2 of which are grant funded); and Organizational Development (2 staff for the first fiscal year with the opportunity to grow this team). They will also oversee a budget of $6.7M.

Hiring and retaining high-performing public agency employees in 2023 is extremely challenging, especially in the hyper-competitive job market. The “Great Resignation” of the pandemic was a “great re-evaluation” of work, which has forever changed how we work and how we think about our careers and lives. Hiring inefficiencies and bottlenecks will be addressed by this decisive leader, who will have a clear vision for streamlined operational procedures. The new Manager will be eager to help the City move forward, bringing the time-to-hire down to a minimum and developing a more effective training process for staff. In addition to conducting recruitment and recruitment strategies as outlined, this position will conduct job analyses, classification studies, desk audits, organizational need assessments, and classification description revisions and administer compensation plans.


The ideal candidate will have a proven track record of reimagining outdated or inefficient systems and processes, particularly in the recruitment and hiring space. Experience in addressing workforce hiring and retention strategies, use of various recruitment, marketing, and communications methods to ensure the City receives well-qualified and diverse applicant pools is important for this role. They will be a collaborative thinker with a big-picture mindset, adept at energizing and motivating others. This individual is a master delegator who uses their role as a chance to develop the strengths of staff – encouraging them to bring their skills to collaborate on projects cross-departmentally. The Manager will be an outstanding leader who excels in communication, project management, and budget planning. Having a solutions-oriented and scrappy mindset to bring new processes and policies to fruition is highly desired. They will have knowledge of principles, practices, and techniques of public personnel and HR administration, including employee relations; recruitment; classification and compensation; labor relations; progressive discipline; Civil Service employment; ADA and interactive process; EEO compliance; FMLA; FLSA; and staff training and development.